v6.0.0 (July 2018)

New: Add the ability to batch edit document resources

New: Add new 'Resource Update' dialog

New: Integrate 'Resource Update' dialog with grid control

New: Add transparent text stamps to images

New: Add Opacity setting to text stamp options

New: Adjust image pixel format as needed to support transparency

New: Create new help manual

New: Add Relativity platform integration

New: Add Relativity as a 'Platform' module

New: Add wizard for importing Relativity field data

New: Support saving and restoring Relativity credentials

New: Add wizard for exporting Relativity field data

New: Add support for multi-choice field reading with Relativity

New: Update DevExpress UI library to latest supported version

New: Update Atalasoft imaging library to latest supported version

New: Import progress should indicate resources found

New: Create new progress UI to track imported resources

New: Create mode for opening delimited files as projects

New: Allow delimited files to be opened directly skipping wizard

New: Update icons in backstage mode for recent delimited files

New: Improve licensing experience

New: Allow license refresh from internet

New: Improve license error messages display

New: Improve license installation UI

New: Add license UI to license service

New: Add license info dialog for license details

New: Build out script library

New: Add field stats script

New: Add delete resource script

New: Add sample documents script

New: Add PDF to PDF/A script

New: Add sort date script

New: Add detect PDF/A files script

New: Add truncate fields script

New: Add tag documents script

New: Add remove page suffix script

New: Add custom hash fields script

New: Add flag redacted in text files script

New: Add merge date fields script

New: Add split date fields script

New: Add field statistics script

New: Add redact fields script

New: Add strip disclaimer text script

New: Add convert date timezone script

New: Add split field script

New: Add export page ids to field script

New: Add rename confidential natives script

New: Add detect PDF attachments and portfolio

New: Add import single page images using document break list script

New: Add volume check script

New: Add documentation for scripting

New: Allow scripts to include author information

New: Warn slow operation on 'Replace All' and suggest Batch Update

New: Add keyboard shortcut to delete redaction

New: Include open source license output in build process

New: Add scripting support for a Document context

New: Save imported field views in project file

New: Add show toggle buttons for items in event console

New: Add ability to user install scripts

New: Create installer for network license service

New: Improve saving project prompt with description buttons

New: Change 'Path Editor' browse path to new folder browser UI

New: Change 'Export Documents' browse path to new folder browser UI

New: Expand allowed list of valid chars in field names

New: Automatically load field set for first project import

New: Expand field lookup editor when only one grouped level

New: Add editor for script options

New: Allow delimited import wizard to be user resizable

New: Add ability to run script without using script editor

New: Support directive to load script specified assemblies

New: Create functionality for merging document sets

New: Update serialization library protobuf to latest supported version

New: Add code/syntax editor for scripts

New: Create wizard to support new importer type

New: Improve ribbon backpage load time

New: Condense Ribbon in new document window form

New: Improve backstage display to match new style

New: Make 'Document Fields' read-only in new document window

New: Update text panel editor library to latest version

New: Improve check externals command performance

New: Export mask option in field setup should gray out for non-enabled fields

New: Update status in status bar after running batch update

New: Improve error icon placement for Export Documents when nothing selected

New: Indicate system v user fields in document grid with asterisk

New: Add auto-complete behavior to batch update

New: Improve field setup naming of 'read-only' and 'locked' to match

New: Add 'Reset Layout' feature to restore default layout state

New: Change field setup in ribbon to match dialog name

New: Add context menu option to launch window on grid row selection

New: Add option to disable double-click launch of document window

New: Disable new document window launch on individual cells

New: Add more multi-line token support for SummationParser

New: Change splash screen to match new branding

New: Edit installers to reflect new branding

New: Update company name and URLs to match new branding

New: Change ICO resources for relevant forms and project files

New: Edit installers to reflect new pathing

New: Migrate license files in old pathing

New: Change 'About Box' to match new branding

New: Implement ability to save default grid state and reset grid state

New: Add option to disable document popup window

New: Add 'Open in New Window' for documents to grid context menu

New: Adjust requirements to target .NET Framework 4.6.2

New: Revise core import functionality for delimited load files

New: Adjust ribbon backstage icon to include 'File' text

New: Document Tally dialog export icon needs tooltip

New: Add command line args for selecting installer features

New: Create new folder browser dialog for to improve selecting folder experience

New: Create new UI for revised delimiter import

New: Update installer library to latest supported version

New: Reduce installer compression for faster install

New: Add feature to highlight words in text viewer

New: Create grid view for import field sets

New: Fix Windows permissions with installer to create ProgramData folder

New: Improve internal build process for faster customer releases

New: Add setting to hide connections when using network license

New: Improving logging for licensing related errors

New: Improve field code variable matching sensitivity for all cultures

New: Add user option to disable field uppercase

Fixed: License installation showing success but license not installed

Fixed: Project file from version 4.6 compatibiltiy issue

Fixed: Company name for 'Licensed To' not showing

Fixed: Null exception when launching wizards with FieldLookUpGridView control

Fixed: Group Field doesn't launch on grid map control

Fixed: Dragging mouse / field on Field Picker can cause error

Fixed: Searchable PDF export may not include image if OCR timed out

Fixed: Endorsements may incorrectly expand to two lines

Fixed: Can't change background color of redactions on image viewer

Fixed: Progress and fast updates cause some wizards to become unresponsive

Fixed: Export load file progress not updated when using back

Fixed: Wizard for 'Check Resources' can become unresponsive

Fixed: No text exported from PDF in 'Export Documents' with other resources selected

Fixed: Installer does not support "/s" command arg

Fixed: Invalid control chars from source data may export in EDRM XML

Fixed: Version update does not sync with update check

Fixed: Installer attempts access of non-existent folder

Fixed: Image viewer does not indicate redaction mode state

Fixed: Validate field names in field map for valid chars

Fixed: Crash when setting 'auto scale font' to existing redaction

Fixed: Encoding auto-detect fails on UTF-8 with no BOM

Fixed: Field tree can duplicate fields in output map

Fixed: Field map incorrectly shows system fields as possible destination/target

Fixed: Field map throws errors on reset

Fixed: Batch update date field with non-date causes crash

Fixed: Incorrect count of batch update for bad records

Fixed: Project auto-save ignores changed duration settings

Fixed: Options dialog cancel does not reflect inability to discard changes

Fixed: Progress bar in taskbar not being shown on Windows 10

Fixed: 'Has Native' field not available in the field picker

Fixed: Re-create same field name after previously deleted not allowed

Fixed: Document window popup open on double-click in cell edit mode

Fixed: Find/Replace dialog shown on wrong screen

Fixed: Field Setup Dialog shown on wrong screen

Fixed: Find/Replace dialog crash on no field selected

Fixed: Check resources wizard not licensed to convert module

Fixed: Remove marked dialog count may not be match expected count

Fixed: Ribbon icon states out of sync with panels in separate document review window

Fixed: Crash on endorsement preview if no pages in some documents

Fixed: Mark Range with very large value causes unresponsive behavior

Fixed: 'Zoom Selection' does not work after selecting 'Best Fit'

Fixed: Progress status on batch update does not respond correctly for long running tasks

Fixed: Some field names don't match in 'Field Chooser' and 'Field Picker'

Fixed: Some field names in family panel are not consistent with grid

Fixed: Grid cell values incorrect after canceling delimited import

Fixed: Encoding selection control may error on dispose

Fixed: Error when initializing load files into source

Fixed: OCR process can fail to overwrite existing text files

Fixed: Possible crash when using export PDF from new document window

Fixed: Panel icons missing in new document window

Fixed: Second import containing family can cause duplicate family items

Fixed: Duplicate identifiers not logged as warning while importing DAT

Fixed: Dialogs may appear under splash screen and not noticeable on load

Fixed: DragDrop to grid causing blocked progress in wizard using Windows 10

Fixed: Delete multiple fields and some re-appeared on grid

Fixed: Slow (near crash) on clean install, when closing evaluation dialog

Fixed: Text viewer word wrap mode not remembered on close

Fixed: Ringtail export error if connection string not valid

Fixed: Ringtail connection string not applied from settings to importer

Fixed: Control List doesn't support documents without text links

Fixed: Batch update can become unresponsive with large records

Fixed: OCR exception with 'Convert to B&W' enabled

Fixed: Batch Update incorrect count of modified when using search/replace

Fixed: Xera load file export can crash on export