v6.0.2 (September 2018)

New: Add date validation script

New: Add filename to mime type script

New: Add date format script

New: Add Windows integrated auth credential support for Relativity

New: Add script library cache for faster startup

New: Add filtering to Relativity workspace selection

New: Add platform support for Relativity v9.4

New: Show Relativity platforms versions in descending order

New: Update internal imaging library components

New: Improve import detection of tab delimited files

New: Save fields to delimited text files by order shown in grid

New: Add version build number to splash screen

New: Code sign license service installer

New: Update internal PDF library components

New: Add version to license manager in license service

Fixed: Relativity credentials stored location not saved to local app data

Fixed: Prevent error when exporting load file to a folder name instead of file

Fixed: Fix update check process not reporting accurate update

Fixed: Field names not re-populated when changing schema in delimited import

Fixed: License service rejecting valid network key

Fixed: Opening delimited text file with single field fails

Fixed: Selecting a locked file for import can crash delimited import wizard

Fixed: Relativity platform integration does not connect to multi-tenant environment

Fixed: Adding annotations to PDF files via endorse wizard causes crash

Fixed: Ribbon toolbar does not update after script install

Fixed: Resources not deleted for in delete resources script for some records

Fixed: Relativity saved search list not fully populated