v6.0.3 (September 2018)

New: Create script to append page ids to text files

New: Create 'batch compress' PDF script

New: Add select folder destination to Relativity loader

New: Add load page and image files support to Relativity loader

New: Add load PDF files as images to Relativity loader

New: Add load images into production set to Relativity loader

New: Improve detection of 'Identity' fields for objects in Relativity wizards

New: Add 'Select a view' as criteria for retrieving non-object data from Relativity

New: Add create Relativity folder option to folder destination setup

New: Add support for retrieving non-document RDOs field data from Relativity

New: Add support for loading non-document RDOs data into Relativity

New: Create 'Split PDF' script to split large PDF files into smaller PDF files

New: Create 'Extract Text from PDF' script

New: Create 'Count PDF Text Size' script

New: Preserve visible field and order in grid for saved projects

New: Add grid view for visible grid fields into saved project

New: Add project field set for grid fields into field map display

New: Allow opened delimited files to be saved into RSP project file

Fixed: Relativity export radio button selection randomly causes crash

Fixed: Relativity export wizard radio button state inconsistent

Fixed: Null exception on ribbon item click

Fixed: Crash when switching trees after changing workspace for Relativity

Fixed: Field set for search fields not reloaded when changing Relativity workspace

Fixed: Field set for search not created after changing search for Relativity import

Fixed: Fix possible crash when exception is not set for error dialog