v6.0.4 (October 2018)

New: Add script to extract bates numbers from text

New: Add delimited option to save-as dialog

New: Saving file in delimited mode should save with active filters

New: Add option to limit network licenses to an allowed user list

New: Add machine and username properties to license info dialog

New: Improve network license default logging settings and output

New: Add script to keep or remove page links by number ranges

New: Add script to change e-mail address comma to semi-colon

New: Add script to propagate parent field data to child document fields

New: Add script to remove control chars from fields

New: Set logging levels for appdata logs to warn or higher

Fixed: Field Setup Dialog doesn't allow changing of export mask case

Fixed: OCR languages list not fully loaded

Fixed: Find & replace dialog can be hidden behind main form

Fixed: Data values might not match cell values after replace all action

Fixed: Find & replace can appear unresponsive during replace action

Fixed: Saving an opened DAT file into an RSP project results in corrupt project

Fixed: Saving file in delimited mode doesn't apply last grid sort

Fixed: Opening project doesn't show fields for system fields