v6.1.0 (February 2019)

New: Add LAW PreDiscovery platform support

New: Implement new script editor with auto-complete capabilities

New: Add find/replace dialog to script editor

New: Add ability to favorite scripts and provide easy access to favorite scripts

New: Add process for creating image placeholders

New: Add script to clear all family links from documents

New: Add script to apply placeholder TIF template to records

New: Add script to renumber and rename pages in document

New: Add script to assign page resources to empty documents

New: Add script to check gaps in bates ranges

New: Add script to identify duplicate identifiers

New: Add script to clear resource links from documents

New: Add script to assign family data from custom field

New: Add script to flag duplicates script

New: Bind 'Ctrl + S' key in script editor to save action

New: Add 'Edit Script' option to script library browser

New: Add more meta properties to column chooser in script library browser

New: Improve options and report dialog layout when resizing

New: Add methods to DocumentItem scripting API for updating family data

New: Add method in scripting API to updating ResourceFileItem file properties

New: Add ability to double-click script in script browser to run it

New: Keep state of script browser preserved after open/close dialog

New: Show script options dialog in front of script runner dialog

New: Change default cover sheet and endorse fonts to Arial

New: Update RSP project serialization library

New: Update UI library components

New: Update PDF library component

Fixed: Fix zoom level not sticking for cover sheet preview

Fixed: Running script PDF to PDF/A causes crash

Fixed: Installer not respecting SILENT command

Fixed: Installer opening ReadySuite elevated preventing drag/drop operations

Fixed: App fields category empty in field map control after project close

Fixed: Fix cover sheet command with support for parallel sheet creation

Fixed: Overlay with append field data incorrectly adding delimiter at field start

Fixed: Brackets in data for e-mail domain scripts don't parse

Fixed: Cancel confirmation on Relativity wizard always cancels

Fixed: Scripts are not ordered by name in script editor nav bar