v6.1.1 (February 2019)

New: Create script to fill in field values by cascading non-empty values down

New: Create script to output field contents to text files

New: Create script to read text file contents into field

New: Add option to tag script to allow case-sensitive tag values

New: Add option to tag script to support reading tag values from a file

New: Add option for placeholder process to insert page instead of replacing

New: Allow Relativity connections to be updated or deleted

New: Add function to test Relativity connection settings

New: Improve error message and logging for bad Relativity connections

New: Add method in scripting API to detect text file encoding

New: Update RelativityOne support to include Blazingstar release

New: Allow the field picker dialog to be sizable

New: Swap list editor used in property forms to editor with no character limit

New: Auto-select platform based on prior selection for session

New: Add warning message regarding gap check sort order during import

New: Adjust Relativity v9.7 platform version to v10.0 to match RelativityOne

Fixed: Find duplicate script not populating dupe ID field as expected

Fixed: Fix placeholder wizard refresh progress update rate

Fixed: Warnings icon may not open log dialog for placeholder wizard

Fixed: Fix title not set in confirm cancel dialog for platforms

Fixed: Fix RelativityOne service URL not connecting

Fixed: Tagging script tag values editor has a max character limit