v6.2.0 (April 2019) (April 4, 2019)

Fixed: Batch update field picker 'OK' button not closing dialog

Fixed: Check multiple DAT files report save option showing open file editor

Fixed: Running scripts from script editor does not have access to session fields

Fixed: Import overlay field map not auto-matching fields as expected on additional imports (April 4, 2019)

New: Create script to report max field lengths for all imported fields

New: Create script to batch check columns across multiple DAT files

New: Improve total experience when working with large load files

New: Improve performance when reading large delimited text and load files

New: Improve performance removing large sets of documents

New: Improve progress update performance and counters for load file imports

New: Add new record selection dialog to relevant data actions

New: Disable inline text search by default and add option to enable to load file imports

New: Change marked records behavior to be unmarked by default

New: Improve date columns filter popup with new levels of date intervals

New: Show date and datetime fields on the grid using the fields export mask

New: Add grid tools selection context in ribbon

New: Add grid conditional formatting rules feature

New: Add mark records checkbox option to grouped column levels

New: Add interval group options for customizing grouped date columns

New: Add advanced group summary editor for grouped columns

New: Add full expand/full collapse option for column groups

New: Add ability to sort grouped columns in order by count

New: Add new option for customizing and calculating sum/min/max/count/average per column

New: Add advanced document filter editor with visual builder and text query support

New: Add grid document report save option as Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

New: Add option to save event log to Excel workbook (.xlsx)

New: Improve field setup dialog experience and performance

New: Remove grid select row numbers and add row location and navigator to bottom of grid

New: Remove Find/Replace dialog and change to new Find Panel display in grid

New: Enable option to highlight find results with new find panel

New: Redesign grid column context menu to include more useful actions

New: Add mass check selection in column grid header

New: Fix field name consistency with columns names on grid

New: Prevent duplicate attachment and family links from being loaded

New: Add dialog notice for gap check option use at import for unsorted records

New: Update Relativity 9.6 to support latest release

New: Add official support for Relativity v9.7

New: Remove Volume as a built-in default field

New: Show calculated non-empty and unique value counts in tally dialog

New: Enable system (non-custom) fields to be tallied in tally dialog

New: Add export of tally report to Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

New: Enable copy of values from tally cell data with column headers

New: Improve responsiveness and user experience when running document tally

New: Add bar display to percent column in tally dialog

New: Allow percent column to be hidden in tally dialog

New: Disable forced uppercase field names

New: Add asterisk * for field names for system fields by default where missing

New: Replace LoadId string with LoadOrder int for import sort order

New: Add file category icon and selected/marked as fields to schema

New: Add internal DefaultVisible flag to fields in schema

New: Use improved field selection for import load file wizard

New: Change printer wizard track option to populate field 'Printed' instead of marking records

New: Enable grid cell double-click or start typing before entering edit mode

New: Add new family fields for IsParent and IsAttach

New: Update family panel using new grid

New: Use improved field selection for import images, text, and native wizards

New: Add option to load resource files into LAW

New: Allow LAW projects to be opened manually via project.ini

New: Improve LAW server credentials management

New: Add field sets for LAW export options for common/ascending

New: Update PDF library used with scripting to latest release

New: Refresh grid related ribbon icons

New: Remove obsolete application configuration settings

Fixed: Saving large delimited and project files is unresponsive and lacks progress

Fixed: Relativity 'Test Connection' freezes for bad connections

Fixed: Duplicate LAW field sets being created after changing cases

Fixed: After changing LAW case default link field does not get set

Fixed: Selected system field in script options does not show asterisk after focus lost

Fixed: Progress bar appears to lag in some import and process wizards

Fixed: Family references orphaned after documents removed

Fixed: Relativity connection test indicates no queryable workspaces

Fixed: Relativity import API fails to open session for version

Fixed: Relativity credentials does not prompt for password when not saved

Fixed: Ringtail levels not showing

Fixed: Field sets not cleared after changing selected LAW case

Fixed: Export Mask defaults not expected values based on current culture

Fixed: Grid requires data refresh after global path change

Fixed: Grid for Family Panel behavior is unexpected when clicking around cells

Fixed: Sometimes grid empty filter notice prompt appears twice

Fixed: Grid crashes with no recovery possible after text contents field added

Fixed: Can't select multiple rows and copy data from event log

Fixed: Disable text boxes when no Relativity credential source selected

Fixed: Relativity credentials manager input forms not disabled when no credential selected