v6.3.0 (May 2019)

Blog Post

More Information: https://www.compiled.com/readysuite-6-3-released-now-with-load-file-pivot/

New: Introduce Load File Pivotâ„¢

New: Introduce Load File Pages View

New: Build out pivot grid with charting layer into to a content view

New: Build out pages content view for showing thumbnails across documents

New: Add ability to preview data before importing to Relativity

New: Add ability to run simultaneous and parallel imports to Relativity

New: Add native and text file validation check options before import to Relativity

New: Add validation before import for fixed length text fields for Relativity

New: Add Relativity group field support

New: Update support for Relativity 10.0

New: Update support for Relativity 10.1

New: Add support for Relativity 10.2

New: Build new editor for changing date format masks

New: Create script to convert file sizes

New: Create rename resources script

New: Create script to extract domain names per document

New: Add friendly date format mask editor to all date scripts

New: Add new export custom date field to all export field maps

New: Add default target field name when adding custom field

New: Add ability to support parallel read in scripts

New: Add cancellation support to the scripting API

New: Add ability to mark a document as read for parallel use in scripting API

New: Add more overloads for logging messages/warnings against a document in scripting API

New: Add ability to get the root path of a document's file resource in Scripting API

New: Modernize the summary dialog design

New: Add option to save report from summary dialog

New: Add option to change file size display in summary dialog

New: Add new field for HasFamily

New: LAW needs text precedence import option

New: Read built-in, custom definition date fields from LAW

New: Add ability to read extended property fields from LAW

New: Add new fields for FileNameNoExt and PageFileNameNoExt

New: Update DevExpress UI components from v18 to v19

New: Add group field support for Relativity

New: Enable new visual color style for grid filter breadcrumb and editor

New: Check file exists should warn for 0 byte files

New: Improve field map control validation for all platforms

New: Set default Relativity export file and text paths to system link fields

New: Set scripts with date formats to use current culture as default date format

New: Update PDF library used with scripting

New: Network license needs to show license count available

New: Limit fields panel to 200 active user fields or less

New: Move Relativity and LAW platform export into 'Bridge' group in ribbon

Fixed: Disable platform link field in overlay only mode for Relativity

Fixed: Display only fixed length fields in platform link field list for Relativity

Fixed: Cross-thread error at start of script preventing script from running

Fixed: Can't enter new password after using bad password for Relativity

Fixed: Image compression check did not report warning for '0' byte filled file

Fixed: Fix progress showing update when upload mode is created only for Relativity

Fixed: Script editor progress can show old progress while running new

Fixed: Relativity check file paths exist before attempting upload

Fixed: Relativity 10.0 Import API fail

Fixed: Adding same group field after removing group field causes error

Fixed: Adding field twice to group fields causes error

Fixed: Setting date field to empty/null on grid causes exception

Fixed: Deleting records no longer updates status counts

Fixed: Description being used as DisplayName in options for Add Pages to Empty Documents script

Fixed: Text and field panels do not resync after closing and reopening in separate document window

Fixed: Empty project errors on open

Fixed: Address likely memory leaks from related UI field controls

Fixed: Clicking cancel on password credentials box still attempts sign in