v6.3.1 (November 2019)

New: Add script to unitize documents based on 'Y' flag

New: Add script to batch documents

New: Add script to create iMange XML files per client request

New: Add script to merge attachment pages to the parent record

New: Add ability to export pivot table to Excel

New: Add license pools based on approved user list to licensing service

New: Add platform support for Relativity version 10.3

New: Add ability to flag documents for removal via Scripting

New: Delete document records flagged as deleted after script execution

New: Update primary UI component library

New: Update primary imaging library

Fixed: AppData log filled with 'Error retrieving field data' for Relativity

Fixed: Ringtail export wizard can't 'Next' after level options

Fixed: Timeout querying instance with large amount of workspaces for Relativity

Fixed: No warning shown to user when prevented from accessing a license based on whitelist

Fixed: Create new folder not showing editor by default for Relativity

Fixed: Selecting 'Always delete' for clearing cells confirmation is not remembered

Fixed: Selecting 'Page Level Report' does not export report