v6.4.0 (February 2020)

New: Add new report type in scripting API to output text data

New: Add option to save script reports to CSV, TXT, XLSX, and PDF

New: Add script to expand bates ranges into text-based report

New: Add script to mass rename field values

New: Add ability to delete a field from the field schema

New: Modify 'Find Page Gaps' script to allow user selected bates fields

New: Modify 'Field Statistics' script to allow an option for counts

New: Allow script cancellation from Options dialog when running in script editor

New: Prevent duplicate values being appended to fields during overlay

New: Remove integrated authentication for unsupported Relativity versions

Fixed: Bates endorsement right-edge cut off when containing '&' character

Fixed: Added field not shown on grid after delimited import from overlay

Fixed: Export searchable PDF for large images returns error 'Non-supported image size' with no image output

Fixed: Delimiters in field values not escaped on export

Fixed: Could not load assembly 'Relativity.OAuth2Client.IdentityModel.Interfaces' for Relativity 10.3

Fixed: Overlaying field data with append values enabled wipes existing data when new value is blank

Fixed: Can't change field name casing via Field Setup

Fixed: Renaming field in field setup creates duplicate field on grid

Fixed: Typing in filter row editor replaces last character when typing

Fixed: Status bar icons are appearing gray not matching desired theme

Fixed: Previous progress state may be shown/not reset before new progress start