v6.5.2 (August 2020)

New: Add profile support to Relativity platform import and export wizards

New: Add script to remove choice values from choices field

New: Add script to identity records with all empty/null values across fields

New: Add script to detect and report encoding of text files

New: Modify 'Find Page (Bates) Gaps' script to report gaps through entire range

New: Modify 'Rename Confidential Natives' script to output new path to field

New: Support importing Excel files generated by Relativity

New: Excel import does not support reading files exported from Relativity

New: Add 'Text FileName*' and 'Text FilePath*' field to grid view

New: Add date mask editor for date fields in field setup dialog

New: Add user option to enable showing columns in grid view after grouped

New: Preserve column in grid and keep order after removing column grouping

New: Provide option to change export subfolder padding

New: Set default of Delimited Export to Concordance schema with .dat file extension

New: Add user notification dialog if warnings encountered to progress control

New: Add time elapsed to progress controls

New: Add information item counts with error item counts on progress controls

New: Opening or importing file using drag/drop should add to recent projects

New: Remove projects that can't be found or opened from recent file list

New: Rename script author field in scripts to KLDiscovery

New: Hide 'Author' column from default display in script library

Fixed: Setting for 'Find Inline Text' not enabling option

Fixed: Can't refresh document viewers with only 1 document loaded to grid

Fixed: Excel file import crash on older file format not supported

Fixed: Removing documents may not update document count in status bar

Fixed: Select Data Source dialog loses default skin appearance

Fixed: Backstage recent list illegal characters in path

Fixed: Native and Text filenames are empty on Export Documents

Fixed: Report on possible missing fatal exceptions in wizard processes

Fixed: Unitize Single Page Documents script application crash

Fixed: Prevent grid view from crash when documents removed by a script

Fixed: Delimiter preview can crash with preview all and headers disabled