v6.6.0 (November 2020)

New: Add 'Open with ReadySuite' explorer integration

New: Add option to register default file types to ReadySuite

New: Add option in 'Placeholder Images' to replace all pages in a document

New: Adjust 'Placeholder Images' UI layout to improve options selection

New: Add sort mode options for 'Smart' and 'Value' to Text columns in grid

New: Add profile support to load file export wizard for supported load files

New: Store network license config data at machine level and persist across upgrades

New: Add UI control for consolidating new and existing field selection

New: Add consolidated UI control in scripting API for new and existing field selection

New: Modify 'Tag Documents' script to use new UI for field selection

New: Create 'Choice Tools' script category and move related scripts under it

New: Create script 'Merge Field Choices' for combining choice fields

New: Create script 'Propagate Choices by Group' for merging choice values across a family, dupe, or thread group

New: Create script 'Propagate Choices by Family Level' to combine choices down through family levels

New: Create script 'Flag or Delete Empty Fields' delete fields with empty field values

New: Modify 'Convert Time Zone' script to support multiple date fields

New: Modify 'Volume Check' script to ignore Thumbs.db files

New: Add method in scripting API to override UI progress

New: Add opened and imported files from drag/drop to recent files

New: Script editor navigate to code line in 'Errors' double-click

Fixed: Script library find does not search or highlight in description field

Fixed: Crash for DateFormatException when editing date masks

Fixed: Native and Text link fields auto-complete adds unnecessary items

Fixed: Grouped column count formatting lost after modifying via group editor

Fixed: Error list in script editor can't be opened after closed