v7.1.0 (May 2021)

The ReadySuite 7.1.0 release contains the following enhancements:

New: Add support for RSMF load files

New: Add support for project/field templates under Field Setup

New: Add support for all field data types in scripted fields

New: Add options support in scripted fields

New: Add profile support for options in scripted fields

New: Allow scripted fields to be saved into project templates with set options

New: Provide ability to reload script library in Field Editor

New: Show data source selection dialog when running scripts from document grid

New: Setting for default template path under Options dialog

New: Add script 'Retain Choice in Choices' for keeping a choice and removing other choices

New: Modify 'Volume Check script' to report on mismatched field names

Fixed: Add handling for corrupted MRUProfilesList.xml file

Fixed: Crash when using 'Unitize Single Page Documents' script

Fixed: Disable DPI awareness settings preventing some wizards from display correctly

Fixed: ReadySuite not responsive after trying to open corrupted .rsp file

Fixed: Running single scripts multiple times from main window crashes application

Fixed: Application crash in Import Delimited fields when validating

Fixed: Scripts with updated MaximumSteps and set ProgressMode are not working

Fixed: User is not able to run a script when no documents are found

Fixed: Endorse images not working for certain image types without file extensions