v7.3.0 (December 2021)

New: Add single and multi-choice field types

New: Add ability to import field as a choice field type

New: Add ability to convert field to a choice field from document grid

New: Add Batch Import for importing multiple volumes in a single import

New: Add "Is Blank" and "Is Not blank" filtering options to the grid

New: Add profiles support to chat wizards

New: Add options to set detactable 'Document Link' field names

New: Add new template dialog for creating new scripts in script editor

New: Add context menu to document grid for "Copy Values" with delimiter and header options

New: Add ability to specify backup licensing server

Fixed: Support decimal values in whole number fields for RSMF files

Fixed: Field map allows same field selection after loading profile

Fixed: Headless mode results in empty data values after setting multiple load files

Fixed: Relativity import completed with 0 documents with all available fields selected

Fixed: Relativity export with images not exported

Fixed: Overlay values not expected after import on existing data in document grid

Fixed: Crash when 'Next' button is double clicked in Chat/RSMF export

Fixed: Unsupported extensions in "Search Pattern" option for "Check multiple file column headers" script while only .CSV and .DAT is possible

Fixed: Crash during export to Chat/RSMF, for system date format other than "default"

Fixed: Error on closing the Script Runner with "X" button with script running

Fixed: Cancel button on "Save As" dialog closes the app without saving a project

Fixed: Script runner shows negative remaining time during script execution for script pack

Fixed: Renaming a scriptable field in script field editor does not refresh library