v7.5.0 (June 2022)

The ReadySuite 7.5.0 release contains the following enhancements:

New: Added unified volume import with built-in volume checks

New: Relativity now supports OAuth2 enabling 2FA authentication methods

New: Scripts in script packs can now have a description associated to it

New: Option to "Reset Width" added to document grid column context menu

New: Added option to convert among data value types in Batch Edit

Fixed: iPro LFP file important will now raise warning with unsupported options

Fixed: Multi line text not supported for pasting in a document grid cell

Fixed: Installer errors in SILENT mode when running under SYSTEM account

Fixed: Image and Page may show show 'File Not Found' for multi-page images

Fixed: Project does not open with a dynamic group field containing no values

Fixed: Field mask is not cleared after changing from a Date type to Boolean type

Fixed: Field map is cleared in batch import when going backwards in wizard

Fixed: Error when converting to choice field with Fields viewer open

Fixed: Error exporting to RSMF file with incorrectly mapped Timestamp field

Fixed: Error re-importing delimited file with a single/multi-choice field mapped

Fixed: Error in Load File Import wizard when selecting an unsupported load file type

Fixed: Fields view displaying values incorrectly from choice field

Fixed: UI freezes when marking/linking selected records

Fixed: New fields are not shown on the document grid while switching views

Fixed: Folder panel should not be shown when no file/project is open

Fixed: Error in Text Files to Field script when adding text field

Fixed: Script Options "Option not set" not updated on field selection

Fixed: Exception when exporting RSMF data with incorrect or inaccessible path