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Viewing Errors

During certain processes, and depending on options selected, ReadySuite will generate an error log detailing errors or warnings encountered. The Process Log dialog (see below) shows the DocID that encountered the error along with several fields to assist in determining what went wrong. The severity field will be one of two values: warning or error. The type field is a general description of the error (similar to an error code) while the message field provides a detailed error description, such as a file name.

The process log grid can be grouped by any of the above fields. Grouping allows the user to narrow down errors by a specific DocID or error type. In addition to grouping, any field can be filtered to remove non-relevant items from the view.

Exporting Process Logs

The process log can be exported in CSV delimited text format. Click the Export CSV button to save the log. Any filters in place on the grid will be maintained when exported.


Process logs are not maintained or saved by ReadySuite. Once the form is closed, the log cannot be recovered. If the log needs to be saved, the user will need to export it to a CSV.