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Numbering Identification

When parsing document identifiers, ReadySuite may need to best-determine page identifiers using page counts. In these cases, ReadySuite will split a page identifier (otherwise known as a bates number) into 3 parts: prefix, counter and padding. Currently, suffixes are not supported (i.e. .001 or .AA) and is planned to be incorporated in a later release.

Reading the page identifier from the end of the string moving backwards, the prefix is assigned starting with the first non-numeric character encountered. The counter is the entire numeric portion while the padding is the number of digits contained in the counter.

Using the above methodology, some common examples are:

Prefix: ABC
Counter: 1
Padding: 6

Prefix: ABC-AA-
Counter: 2576
Padding: 4

Prefix: ABC.
Counter: 9523
Padding: 5

Counter: 45321
Padding: 7