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Validation Options

ReadySuite provides several validation options when working with documents. These can be applied selectively depending on the user's need.

Check Files Exist

Combines the root path with the full path provided in the load file to verify appropriate media files exist on the system. A warning will be reported if the file could not be found.

Check Image Compression

Attempts to de-compress the image file. If the image file cannot be de-compressed, a warning will be raised. In a multi-page file, this will loop over each frame.

In addition, when selecting this option, page level data will be populated such as Pixel Format and Color status.

Check Page Counts

The image frame count will be matched against the number of pages declared in the load file. For example, if the image file has 3 pages and the load file specifies 2 pages, a warning will be raised.

Verify Full Text and OCR

If the imported load file specifies text files for a document (i.e. Summation or EDRM XML), this option will verify those files can be located. Similar to the Check Files Exist option, the full path in the load file will be combined with the volume root path. Warnings will be raised when a file cannot be located.

Check for Duplicate Pages

ReadySuite will keep a running list of all page identifiers imported. If a duplicate is found, a warning will be raised.


The page list is cleared after each attempted import (whether successful or unsuccessful).

Validate Document Ranges

Enabling this option will compare the previously imported document's last page against the current document's first page being imported. Assuming items being imported are in bates-number order, this option will report gaps among pages.

Generate Hash Values

Hash values will be calculated for appropriate media files, which will be displayed in the grid. This option is useful when dealing with EDRM XML load files. If an EDRM XML load file is being imported, this option will also verify hash values references match the items being imported.

Retrieve File Sizes

File sizes will be retrieved for appropriate media during import. These will be displayed in the document grid. This option is useful when dealing with EDRM XML load files.