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Exporting Load File Only

To only export a load file, check the documents whose metadata you wish to export.

Then, in the “External Data” tab, in the “Export” section, click on the appropriate metadata to export. In this example, we will export a concordance load file. Click on “Delimited Text”.

In the next window, provide the location, file name, and file extension in the “Output File” box. If you were exporting native or image files, then decide whether you want to reference those files according to their imported location. Then click “Next”.

In the next window, change “Comma Delimited” to “Concordance”.

Then click on the “Fields” tab.

Choose which metadata fields to export by double clicking on the field name in the left box, or by clicking on the field name, and then clicking on the “>” button.

Then click “Next”. In this window, you can preview the metadata to be exported.

Click on a document in the “Preview Document” dropdown box.

If no settings need to be changed, then click “Start”.

Click “Finish”. The load file will be generated at the specified location.