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Importing Natives

A native is a file that is kept it its original form as it was found on disk. For more information on native files, see this article. The following example will demonstrate how to import a folder containing native files into ReadySuite.

Example 2 - Importing a folder containing native files

Follow along by downloading

Start off by extracting into a folder, which will result in a folder called NATIVES which contains native files. We want to import these files into ReadySuite to prepare them for a production.

Begin by opening the Import Natives wizard shown above.

There are several options on this page, but for the moment we can leave most of them as default. Since we want to import a folder of images, our first step is to populate the Data Path field with the path to our folder.

I've extracted my files to C:\Data\Demo, but your path may be different. Click Next to move to the next dialog.

On this screen, we are shown the folder structure for the files we will be importing. We can select the types of images we want to import, as well as choose to import text files if there are any. The defaults are fine, so click Next.

Here we are presented with various ways that we can name our documents for identification once they are imported into ReadySuite. Let's stick we the defaults and hit Next.

Finally we are presented with various options. The defaults are fine here, but you can learn more about these settings in the appendix. To begin importing your images into ReadySuite, click Start.

Our images have been imported, click Finish and let's check them out!

Good job!