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Register License


To open the License Manager and register a license, press the orb in the upper-left hand corner and then select the register button.

License Manager

The license manager (seen below) shows all installed licenses, including trial versions. Each licensed module is represented by a product icon. Select on an icon to view specific license details.

Module: Indicates the licensed functionality.
Edition: Indicates the edition of the licensed functionality (i.e. Standard, Professional, Trial)
Expires: Indicates when the licensed functionality expires.

Install License

To install a provided license key, select the "Install License" button. The Install License Dialog (seen below) will appear. Enter the key provided to you by our sales team into the "License Key" field and then press "Install". Our servers will validate the license key is valid and can be installed.

License Key: Enter the key provided by our sales team here. This would have been e-mailed to you when you requested a trial license or purchased a license from our store.
License Status: Indicates if the license is currently installed.
Computer ID: Your license key will be tied to this computer ID.

If the installation process fails, a dialog will be shown (seen below) allowing you to save a license key (.lic) file for offline authorization. Save this file to a location on your computer (such as your desktop) and attach it to an e-mail to our sales team We will provide you with an authenticated license file once received.