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Designing Sheets

Users may design and print cover or folder sheets based on metadata fields. Custom sheets are based on the Rich Text Format (RTF); more information can be found here. RTF files can be created using WordPad; available on most Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To get started customizing cover and folder sheet's, the user may use the in-place editor provided (see below).

In-Place Editor

Using the above in-place editor, the user is provided with the ability to add metadata fields anywhere on the page. When adding fields to the template, the font will be matched to the font based on the cursor's location. If more advanced editing needs are required, it is recommended to use WordPad or a similar RTF editor.

Open: Allows the user to open a pre-existing template as the cover sheet.
Save As: Save the cover sheet to the specified RTF file.
Restore Default: Restores the editor to the template packaged with ReadyPrint when first installed.
Preview Template: Allows the user to preview the cover sheet against any imported document.
Insert Field: Insert a metadata field into the editor at the current cursor location.

Customizing RTF Template

Most basic RTF functionality is supported, including font adjustments and embedded graphics. Editing the RTF template outside of ReadySuite allows the user to make these appropriate changes.

When editing the cover sheet template, metadata fields can be manually added. While parsing the template, ReadySuite looks for metadata fields in this format: %%%FIELDNAME%%% where FIELDNAME is the name of the field to be included.


If the metadata field has not been imported into the document collection, the template will print as-is for that metadata field.

Previewing Cover Sheet

After the cover sheet template has been designed, the user may then preview the template against documents imported into ReadyPrint. Pressing the Preview Template button will open the Cover Sheet Preview dialog (see below).

The user may choose a document to preview from the list of documents under the Preview Document drop down.