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Adding and Updating Documents

To add documents to your workspace, you must import those files into ReadySuite. Follow the appropriate instructions in the Importing chapter to add more documents to your workspace.

To update the documents in your workspace, for tasks such as updating the documents’ metadata or images, you must import the new load files and images into ReadySuite. If you do not want to add additional documents to your workspace, then you may uncheck “Yes, add unlinked documents as new records” at either of these screens:

  1. For delimited text load files

  1. For other load files

Updating the documents’ metadata is done at this screen:

The field names shown on this screen reflect the field names present in the load file being imported. If the new load file’s field names are slightly different, and you want to update a field’s information rather than to create a new field, then it must be specified how those fields should be linked. Click on the field name’s dropdown menu, and then change it to the field name currently in the workspace.

If there are information currently in the workspace that you don’t want to be written over by a new load file (due to the matching field names), then you may check the “Skip” option for those fields.

Click “Start” and your documents will be updated.