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Endorsing Documents

With documents imported from load files or folders, using the Endorse Images users can apply a wide array of endorsements to those images. Endorsements can vary by font, size, orientation and color. The user may apply bates numbers, page numbers, metadata fields and any custom text.


Existing files will be overwritten during the endorsement process. Please create a backup before proceeding.

To start endorsing images, select Endorse Images under the Process tab on the toolbar. The Endorse Images wizard will appear (see below).

On the first page of the wizard is functionality allowing you to endorse only the first page of each document, or only even pages or odd pages. You’ll also be able to apply the endorse process to only portrait or landscape pages.

Endorsement Settings

Header: The number of inches of white space to add to the top of the page.

Footer: The number of inches of white space to add to the bottom of the page.