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Numbering Documents

To renumber documents in your workspace, first check the documents you wish to renumber.

Then click on the “Process” tab, and in the “Admin” section, click on “Number Documents”.

A new window will pop up. If you want to renumber the documents only, then select “Number Documents”. Then click “Next”.

In this window, specify the numbering scheme.

If you would like the documents to be numbered according to a field value, then click on the “…” button above “Prefix”.

In this screen, click the field you wish to use. Then click “OK”.

Then, in the “General” section, check the box for “Number documents by prefix”.

However, if you would like documents to be numbered by a fixed text, then type that text into the text box above “Prefix”.

After deciding on the document prefix, in the middle column, specify which character you would like to use to separate the prefix and the document number. In the third box, the “Counter” box, type in the first number of the document.

Then click on “Start”, and the documents will be numbered.

To number the pages, check the documents you wish to renumber, then in the process tab, click on “Number Documents”. In the pop up window, choose “Number Pages” instead. Then click “Next”.

Next, follow the instructions for specifying document numbering.

In this example, we will number each page using the previously assigned document number. If you wish to update the DOCID with the new number, then check that box in the “General” section.

Click “Start”, and the pages of each document will be renumbered.

If you want each document and page to be numbered with the same series of numbers, then these settings can be used.

Clicking “Start” will renumber all of the documents and pages.