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To generate text for documents without text, first select those documents in the workspace.

Then click on the “Process” tab, and in the “Imaging” section, click “OCR Images”, and select either “Create Text Files” or “Create PDF Files”.

In this example, we will select “Create Text Files”. A new window appears.

In this step, select how you want the text files to be generated and stored.

  • If you want to overwrite the existing text files, then uncheck the “Skip Pages” box.
  • If you want to create one text file per document, then keep the “Output Format” box checked. Uncheck that box if you want each page to have its own text file.
  • Saving text files in-place with image files will allow you to export the text files at a later step. Unchecking the “Save Location” box will allow you to specify how the text files are saved immediately.

In this example, we will keep the “Save Location” checked. Click “Next”.

In this screen, select any additional processing options. The image “Clean-up” has these options:

In this example, no additional clean-up options will be selected. Click “Start”. The documents will begin OCR.

After OCR is complete, click on the “Text” tab in the left pane, and you can preview the OCR in the “Document Text” window by selecting a document.