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Redacting Documents

Users may redact or trim imported documents using the Redact Images wizard.


Existing files will be overwritten during the redaction process. Please create a backup before proceeding.

To start redacting images, select Redact Images under the Process tab on the toolbar. The Redact Images wizard will appear (see below).

On the first page of the wizard is functionality allowing you to redact only the first page of each document, or only even pages or odd pages. You’ll also be able to apply the redaction process to only portrait or landscape pages.

Trim Documents

Selecting the Trim Portion option allows you to remove an entire region of a page, specified in inches from either the top, bottom, left or right sides.

The original size of the image will be retained during this process.

Redact Area

Selecting the Redact Area option allows you to specify a rectangular region on a page to fill with a white or black background.

You may either use the selection tool in the preview pane or enter the area manually.

X: Starting X coordinate from the upper left hand portion of the page.

Y: Starting Y coordinate from the upper left hand portion of the page.

Width: The width (in pixels) of the rectangle.

Height: The height (in pixels) of the rectangle.