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Simple Sorting

Here is an example of an unsorted list of documents.

To sort the document order, click on the “DOCID” field. This will sort the documents in ascending order.

Click on the “DOCID” field again to sort the documents in descending order.

If you want to sort the data by another field, such as page count, then simply click on that field to sort it.

Sorting by Multiple Levels

It is possible to sort documents using multiple fields. It is commonly used for first sorting documents by group identifier/group link (specified while importing the metadata), followed by sorting by document number. The group identifier/group link field can be accessed by right clicking on a column header and then clicking on “Field Chooser”. It is called “BEGATTACH”. Check that field to make it visible in the workspace.

However, in this example, the documents will first be sorted by their page counts, and then afterwards, the documents will be sorted by control number. First, click on the “PAGE CO” field to sort the documents by page count.

Next, press the “Shift” button on your keyboard, and then click on the “DOCID” column.

The documents have been sorted by page count and then by document number. In the above figure, the two red boxes indicate that the documents have been sorted by those columns.