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Metadata Tools

Count E-Mail Recipients

Counts the number of e-mail recipients from specified To/CC/BCC fields.

Count Top E-Mail Domains

Counts the top # of e-mail domains from specified e-mail fields.

Extract Addresses From E-Mail

Extracts the e-mail addresses from the e-mail fields specified and outputs into a field.

Extract Names From E-Mail

Extracts the name portion of the e-mail address and outputs into a separate field.

Field Statistics

Calculates the percent each custom field is populated with data.

File Name to Mime Type

Outputs a mime type based on field data from a file name or file extension.

Fix E-Mail Address Delimiters

Fixes e-mail addresses by replacing comma separators to semi-colons.

Hash Fields

Generates MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 hash values from specified fields.

Page IDs to Field

Outputs page identifiers (bates numbers) to a field per document.

Propagate Child Field to Parent

Propagates child (attachment) field data with delimiter to parent field.

Propagate Fields

Propagates parent field data to child document fields.

Redact Fields

Redacts text from multiple fields with an optional replacement value.

Remove Control Characters

Removes control characters (formatting & non-printing characters) from all custom fields.

Split Field

Splits a field based on a delimiter into multiple fields.

Truncate Fields

Truncates field data based on a maximum length.