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Checking Documents

When working with documents, ReadySuite allows the user to check or un-check documents from processing. If a document is un-checked, it is still visible in the grid. However, the document will not be used when exporting to a load file or saving a report.

There are several ways to manage the check-state of documents.

Grid Context Menu

Right-clicking anywhere on the grid will show the grid context menu. With multiple documents highlighted, the user may select Mark Records or Unmark Records to apply the appropriate check state.


To highlight a document, click the row number to the left of the checkbox

Mark Range

Opening the Mark Range dialog box (located under the Records group in the Home tab of the toolbar) allows the user to enter a start and end range of documents to update. ReadySuite will take the document's current checked state and flip it. If a document is checked it will be altered to the un-checked state and vice versa.