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Document Grid

Dragging any column into this area will cause the grid to group by that column. One or more columns may be grouped on at a time.

Press this icon to open the field chooser. The user may show or hide fields from the available menu.

Pages of a document are shown when an individual row is expanded. These are scrolled from left to right in order of page number.

This is the main document grid area. Documents imported are shown here and custom sorting, grouping and filtering may be performed to customize the view.

Grid Context Menu

Right clicking anywhere on the grid will open the grid context menu (see below).

Remove All Filters: Removes any filters applied to documents in the grid.
Expand All Rows: Expands or collapses the page rows for each document in the grid.
Check Item(s): Marks selected items "checked" in the grid.
Un-check Item(s): Marks selected items "un-checked" in the grid.


To check or un-check multiple documents, highlight the desired rows and right-click on the grid to bring up the context menu with "Check Item(s)".


Check boxes placed next to rows on the grid allow the user to exclude certain documents from processing. The user may need to refer to the help section of a specific action to determine how the check box status is used.

Freezing Rows

Go to Project Editor screen, click Options, Grid, check "Allow fixed rows at the top of the grid". Return to Document Grid, click pushpin to affix a row to the top of the grid.

Freezing Columns