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Image Viewer

The image viewer (shown above) supports all the formats listed in the Supported Formats section, including color images. Image viewing capabilities include functions to zoom in/out, fit to width/height, zoom selection, and pan. Most functions are available in the Zoom section under the Viewer group on the toolbar.

Image Context Menu

Right clicking anywhere on the image panel will open the image context menu (see below).

Zoom In: Sets the zoom to none (if not already set) and zooms in on the page.
Zoom Out: Sets the zoom to none (if not already set) and zooms out on the page.
Zoom Selection: Allows the user to select a portion of the image and zoom in on the selection.
Best Fit: Sets the viewer to best-fit mode, taking into account the size of the image viewer panel to show the entire page.
Fit to Width: Fits the image to the width of the viewer.
Fit to Height: Fits the image to the height of the viewer.
Invert: Inverts the colors of the image shown.
Pan: Sets the cursor to pan and allows the user to scroll the image using the mouse.
Magnify: Sets the cursor to a magnifier to enhance particular areas.


This panel may be moved away from the main interface. To do so, select the title bar area and drag the panel to the desired area of the screen (for example, a second monitor).