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Editing Metadata

To edit metadata, first check the documents to be modified:

Then in the “Home” tab, click on “Batch Update”.

A new screen will come up.

To add a new field, type in the new field’s name in “Target Field”.

Next choose a “Field Action”, and then in the “Field Value” section, either type in a new value, or click on the “…” button to select a field to transfer its metadata over. In this example, we will type in the new value for “Confidentiality”.

Then click “Update”.

Then click “OK” and then “Close” on the previous screen. The metadata has been updated.

To edit the “CONFIDENTIALITY” field, check the documents, and then choose “Batch Update” in the “Home” tab.

In the resulting window, click on the drop down field in the “Target Field” section. Choose the “CONFIDENTIALITY” FIELD.

Modify the “Field Action” if necessary, and then change the value in the “Field Value” section.

Then click “Update”.

Click “OK” and “Close” on the previous window. The metadata will be updated.