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Licenses are subscription based and are valid for one (1) year from purchase date. Free upgrades and support are included with each license while subscription is active. Licenses are delivered electronically and require online or offline activation.

License Types

We offer two licensing models: Machine License or Network License variants.

Machine License may be activated on a single workstation, PC, or Virtual Machine (VM) and may not be used in a shared desktop environment (e.g. Citrix, Terminal Services) or concurrently with more than a single user opening the application at any time.

Network License requires 5 or more licenses to use this edition. The network license type allows for concurrent/floating use of the product with a maximum number of active instances of ReadySuite opened matching the total number of licenses allowed/purchased. The network license requires the use of a separate license application within the local area network (LAN) where ReadySuite is installed.


ReadySuite Terms of Sale

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One (1) year subscription to ReadySuite without OCR capabilities.

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