More than just features for load files.

ReadySuite is also software to view, validate, and perform quality control for document volume and production sets. Law firms, service providers, consultants and corporations all use ReadySuite to assist their e-discovery work flow when handling discovery documents.

View, convert, edit, manipulate, validate. All industry standard load files supported.

Quality Control

Validate document volumes and production sets. Find privilege documents before its too late.


Edit volume and production sets. Convert among image formats. Remove documents.

Platform Integration

Relativity platform integration. Import coding directly from Relativity. Push edits to Relativity.


Choose from our library of custom workflows, write your own, or let us script it for you.

Easy to Use

No advanced setup, servers, or databases required. Always designed for ease of use.


Create searchable PDFs. Output searchable text files from image sets.


Burn-in document redactions. Validate redaction consistency between image and text.

Batch Printing

Blowback. Print documents with folder & cover sheets. Endorse on-the-fly. Use secondary printer for color.