Following the recent upgrade of ReadyConvert, Compiled Services has listened to user feedback and incorporated new functionality into ReadyPrint. Folder level separator sheets may now be printed alongside document cover sheets. In addition, the user may specify printer trays for each separator sheet printed. Just like document cover sheets, folder separator pages are fully customizable using the rich text format.

Because ReadyPrint leverages the same technology as ReadyConvert, litigation support professionals are able to print from common load files, such as Opticon or Summation or from single-page and multi-page image folders. Now, with the new functionality users are able to detect color pages and benefit from the enhanced grid filtering options.

In addition, ReadyPrint allows the user to combine documents by a set number of pages. Using this option, documents are spooled in larger sets to reduce the printer cycle time. Folder and document sheets are properly maintained when using this option.

More information on ReadyPrint can be found on our product page, including screen shots and a comprehensive feature list. To get started with ReadyPrint, you may download our fully functional 14-day trial.