Enter the world of easier document image printing. Compiled Services has officially released ReadyPrint, a blowback application able to handle most common image file formats, including TIF and PDF. ReadyPrint is built on top of the technology behind ReadyConvert, allowing litigation support professionals to print from common load files, such as Opticon or Summation or from single-page and multi-page image folders.

Now with the capability to import metadata, ReadyPrint allows the user to design cover sheets and print custom metadata fields along with documents. Cover sheets can be sent to a specified printer tray allowing for easy identification on color paper. In addition, users may print the metadata sheets without the document to be integrated into already blown-back pages.

Designed with batch printing in mind, ReadyPrint can reduce printer idle time by combining print spools across document breaks.

More information on ReadyPrint can be found on our product page, including screen shots and a comprehensive feature list. To get started with ReadyPrint, you may download our fully functional 14-day trial.