ReadySuite 6.1.1 is released and now available to download. We recommend all customers using previous versions update to this release to benefit from new scripts, performance improvements, and increased stability.

This update improves Relativity and RelativityOne support, ensuring ReadySuite will be compatible with the RelativityOne Blazingstar release. We added a new connection and credentials dialog for setting up and testing connections to Relativity.

We fixed an issue with the tagging script and replaced the text editor the script used to remove the maximum character limit. We added a case-sensitive option and the ability to read tag values from a file to the tag script.

The new Placeholder feature released this month includes a new option – you can now insert the placeholder as the first page of a document.

To see a full list of changes in ReadySuite v6.1.1, release notes can be found here.

Scripts added/changed in the script library in this release include:

Field to Text Files

Use this script to output the value of a custom field in ReadySuite into new or existing text files. This script has options to specify an output text folder, overwrite existing text files loaded in ReadySuite, and convert symbols representing new lines, such as ®, into line breaks.

Text Files to Field

Use this script to read text file contents into a custom field in ReadySuite. This script will automatically detect the text file encoding and optionally replace new line breaks with a line break symol, such as the ® symbol.

Fill Fields

Use this script to fill or repeat field values in a cascading manner down columns. Very similar to filling columns in Excel, this script will repeat field values for empty values. When it encounters non-empty values, it will use that value as the value for the next set of empty fields.

Tag Documents

The editor component in this script no longer has a maximum character limit. Additionally, a new option was added to browse tag values from a file, in addition to the editor. Both the editor and file can be set as sources and will be combined to find documents to tag. Lastly, a new option was added to make the tag search case-sensitive.