ReadySuite 7.7.0 has been released and is now available to download. This release is specifically focused on keeping compatibility with RelativityOne for import and export functionality.

For our existing customers, with an active subscription to ReadySuite, you can upgrade to ReadySuite 7.7.0 for free as part of your subscription. Head over to our download page to get the latest installer.

In addition to keeping with RelativityOne compatibility, this release includes a few minor bug fixes. To see a full list of changes in ReadySuite v7.7.0, view the entire release notes here.

Let’s dive into the highlights:

RelativityOne Compatibility

Relativity announced the end of support for the Relativity Desktop Client (RDC) late last year and officially ended support for the RDC on December 31, 2023. At the same time, Relativity announced they were ending support for the Relativity Import API when used with the RelativityOne environment. ReadySuite heavily used the Import API for loading data into Relativity Server and RelativityOne workspaces.

The result of ending support caused performance impacts to ReadySuite’s integration with RelativityOne and potential for file related transfer errors. Our team has been heavily involved with moving ReadySuite’s integration from the Import API to Relativity’s new Import Export Service APIs specifically for RelativityOne. These changes were big both in scope and effort. A huge thanks to the team working on ReadySuite for putting in the extra effort and getting our integration moved over to these new APIs with minimal notice.

This release brings ReadySuite back into compatibility with RelativityOne. We still have a few more changes to make with our updated integration (e.g. RDOs and improved progress reporting). Stay tuned for more updates to come with our RelativityOne integration.

Now, you can continue to use ReadySuite with RelativityOne to:

  • Import eDiscovery volume and productions directly to RelativityOne from ReadySuite
  • Leverage ReadySuite’s script library and overlay metadata fields directly to a Relativity workspace
  • Retrieve document coding directly from a RelativityOne workspace to support Production QC workflows in ReadySuite

Learn how to use ReadySuite to replace your use of the Relativity Desktop Client with ReadySuite. To setup a demo with the ReadySuite team, reach out to to learn more.