ReadySuite 8.1.0 is released and now available to download. We recommend all customers using previous versions update to this release to benefit from many new major features, performance improvements, and increased stability.

For our existing customers, with an active subscription to ReadySuite, you can upgrade to ReadySuite 8 for free. Your existing license activation for ReadySuite 7 will continue to work with ReadySuite 8.

We have made several enhancements and features as outlined below. To see a full list of changes in ReadySuite v8.1.0, view the entire release notes here.

Chat – EML Export

We’ve introduced a new export format for Chat projects using short message data. The new EML export option fits alongside existing RSMF 1.0, RSMF 2.0, and HTML export options. Using this export option, you can create exports of chat and short message data using our chat connectors (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat) and load file sources (such as Concordance DAT) to an EML file format.

When selecting the EML format, you can choose between per-message or batched files. The option for per-message will export each individual message/event as a single EML file. And the option for batched will allow you to create a transcript of multiple messages into a single EML file using the split/slice options already available for RSMF load files.

Chat – EML Templates

With the new EML option, we’ve added four new templates to configure the EML output. Templates exist in the installation directory for modifying the EML text and/or HTML body content. Sets of templates exist for both single message export and batched/multi-message export.

Chat – Auto Field Mapping

The field map is now automatically populated for required fields when starting a new chat export. Additionally, for non-required fields, when adding fields from a Chat project to the field map they will be automatically set to desired RSMF destination field.

Chat – Conversation Name

A mappable field for Conversation Name was added to the list of chat export fields. Using this field enables having a different Conversation Name from the Conversation ID value. When not set, the Conversation ID will be used for the Conversation Name.

Chat – Long Path Support

A warning dialog has been added when attempting to create a Chat Project without long path support enabled.

More information on enabling long path support for Windows is available here:

Chat – RSMF Import Warnings

When importing multiple RSMF files, and errors exist reading any of the files, a warning dialog indicating the number of problematic files, an option to view the bad files in an event log, and the ability to continue the import without the bad files has been added.

Chat – External Resource Toggle

A new option was added when setting up a new Chat project to enable/disable automatic downloads of external resources including images and similar media in chat messages. When disabled, chat projects may import into ReadySuite faster, but images that would otherwise be rendered in the chat viewer will only be preserved as the original URL or link to the media.

Nebula Authentication

ReadySuite now supports the new Nebula Authentication Service with the addition of the Aegis provider in the credentials dialog.

Relativity Unsupported Versions

Starting in this release, we have removed support for the following versions of Relativity: 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3. These verions are no longer supported nor maintained by Relativity and have been removed from ReadySuite. Technical support for Relativity 10.3 ended June 30, 2022 and Critical Patches for Relativity 10.3 ended March 24, 2022.

Upgrade Considerations

When upgrading from ReadySuite 7 to ReadySuite 8, the installer will remove previous versions of ReadySuite during the update. Note that while ReadySuite 8 is a major version upgrade, the majority of the changes include the new chat/RSMF related features, and existing functionality and workflow for features already in ReadySuite 7 remain unchanged. In short, we do not expect the major version upgrade to impact how you’re currently using ReadySuite today when considering upgrading to the latest version.