Over the past month we’ve been teasing you on our development blog with our flagship product, ReadySuite. We’re now happy to announce ReadySuite’s gold status and immediate availability.

ReadySuite is a bundled suite of specialized litigation utilities for your complex document and imaging needs. Included in the suite are tools for validating and creating load files, document numbering, image endorsement, batch redacting, trimming, printing, conversion and exporting.

Using ReadySuite, law firms and litigation support providers can handle simple tasks such as converting PDF files to single page tiffs, re-endorsing image sets with new production numbers while maintaining a cross reference file and batch printing with custom folder and cover separator sheets.

Some features in ReadySuite allow users to:

  • Convert single page images to multi page images and vice versa,
  • Convert supported image formats to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, or TIFF & JPEG
  • Renumber pages while maintaining a cross reference,
  • Endorse images with a bates number, legend stamp or any custom text,
  • Trim existing image endorsements,
  • Export loose files and filter by document type (i.e. include only Excel files in export),
  • Batch redact images using selection wizard, and
  • Print images with custom folder and separator sheets

To learn about other features provided in ReadySuite, follow our product page. Additionally, you may get started with ReadySuite by downloading our 14-day trial or by contacting our sales staff.