ReadySuite v4.2 is now available for download, with over 60 changes since ReadySuite v4.1. Below is a breakdown of the new features and fixes.

New Features:
Added option to print only first page when limiting number of pages printed
Added minimum character setting when PDF text detection
Added auto-scroll option to text viewer based on active page
Added character, line position to text viewer display
Added option to set default read encoding when parsing text files in the text viewer
Added option to change enable or disable word-wrapping in text viewer
Added zooming to text viewer using CTRL + MouseWheel
Added icon notification to text viewer when viewing text from a PDF document
Added redaction abilities to the image viewer
Added rotation functions to image viewer (Rotate Left, Rotate Right)
Added image clean-up functions to image viewer, including Deskew, Despeckle, Hole Removal and Border Removal
Added customizable toolbar to image viewer and improved right-click menu
Added ‘Prompt’, ‘Auto-Save’, and ‘Read-Only’ modes to image viewer when saving changes
Added options to save and print current document or page using image viewer
Added settings to customize display of text in status-bar of image viewer
Added tooltip to image viewer when an image can’t be found to include file location
Added zooming to image viewer using CTRL + MouseWheel
Added saving user’s image viewer settings when application closed
Added saving the current application window state and position
Added field sorting when importing delimited text to field customization screen
Added ability to install 32-bit and 64-bit versions of ReadySuite on same machine
Added option to “Set All Text” customize field controls in ‘Import Delimited Text’ wizard
Added duplicate page identifier detection when numbering pages as warnings
Added time of event to ‘Event Console’ when processing in wizards
Added advanced setting for Ringtail connection to handle 64-bit Office installations
Added option to choose which resources to include/export for EDRM load files
Added evaluation dialog for first time and trial users with built-in trial request

Important Changes:
Improved field placement based on cursor in text editors
Improved license handling for bad and expired licenses
Improved separator sheet handling for multi-line scenarios
Improved layout of items in ribbon to be more concise
Improved layout of Wizards for OCR and Searchable PDF
Improved consistency and placement of common dialogs
Improved zooming of images using image viewer
Improved EDRM XML writing with new output field options
Improved EDRM XML reading detecting data field types, custodian, and location elements
Improved Summation DII writing with inclusion of ‘@NOPAGECOUNT’ when necessary
Improved Summation DII writing when repeating values of ‘@C’ tokens
Improved metadata panel to allow copy functions
Improved tab-orders throughout application
Improved file-associations in installer for .rsp file extensions
Improved detection and clean-up of corrupted user config files
Improved notice to user when authenticating licenses for ‘Network’ licenses in splash screen
Improved encoding detection when reading delimited text files by reading more data
Improved detection of forced close events from Wizards to prompt user
Improved license server and added logging options for Network/Floating license users
Improved diagnostic log for print wizard with more data output
Improved tooltips and help icons where necessary
Fixed issue when saving ‘End Number’ to new field during page numbering
Fixed issue when only printing cover-sheets using the batch-print wizard
Fixed issue when opening export folders in Windows Explorer with special characters
Fixed issue when closing and re-opening Find & Replace dialog
Fixed issue causing incorrect label alignment in Summary dialog
Fixed issue when certain dialogs would become “hidden” or stuck-behind other dialogs
Fixed issue with duplicate documents when parsing family/group information more than once
Fixed issue with Summation DII load files writing empty tokens when not necessary
Fixed issue with reading IPRO LFP load files when encountering a ‘C’ as first record
Fixed issue with naming of files when exporting from OCR or Searchable PDF wizards
Fixed layout/centering issues of panels when empty or not-synced
Fixed issue with OCR wizard exporting text files when group path not known
Fixed rare issue causing certain PDFs to be improperly rotated or inverted while printing
Fixed issue with detecting color in image files for small resolution pages while printing
Fixed issue with group box display default when exporting text files in ‘Export Wizard’