Richmond, VA – June 28, 2012 – Compiled Services, the developers of litigation support and e-Discovery software ReadySuite, today announced the latest release of the software, version 4.3, with a number of improvements and upgrades . This new version allows users to add annotations and overlays to existing PDF documents without losing the ability to search the PDF. It also has improved speed for faster navigation through documents, enhanced quality checking, and the option to copy source files for images to improve export performance, among other changes.

Improvements to the PDF endorsing features in ReadySuite mark a significant change from past versions of the software. Users will now be able to add Bates numbers, document identifiers, confidential stamps and metadata fields to PDFs, without losing the underlying text and OCR of the PDF document. With the latest version, when adding endorsements to PDF documents, the file size will not increase significantly and searching for text in the PDF will remain intact.

Users performing important quality checks of their productions will now notice a significant speed improvement when navigating between larger documents, due to enhancements in ReadySuite’s thumbnail handling. Exporting documents and image files from ReadySuite will also see a significant speed improvement, with the ability to directly copy the source image files. In prior versions, all images exported were passed through ReadySuite’s imaging engine in case there were clean-up functions or endorsements being added. With ReadySuite 4.3, if there are no changes to the underlying image, the image file can be copied instead.

“At Compiled Services, we are always looking for areas to innovate and add to and improve ReadySuite,” said Justin Blessing, Director of Product Development at Compiled Services. “Our users were looking for better ways to handle PDF endorsements, without adding costly OCR processing and larger file sizes to the mix. I believe our developments here are one-of-a-kind in the industry and will allow users to better manage their PDF documents involved in e-Discovery and regulatory issues.”

ReadySuite is a bundled suite of specialized litigation software for handling various document related tasks. The software includes modules for reviewing, validating, merging, and manipulating load files, converting among multiple image formats such as TIFF and PDF, applying or removing endorsements from image sets, generating searchable text and PDF files using OCR, and batch printing image sets to high capacity printers.

The company recently released a free white paper entitled “The Need for e-Discovery Quality Control in the Age of Digital Data,” which covers the current state of quality control in the e-Discovery industry, areas for improvement and a possible solution. To download the white paper, click here.

A one-year subscription of ReadySuite can be purchased for $1,179.95 at our online store here. A free 14-day trial of ReadySuite can be downloaded here.

For a list of changes in ReadySuite v4.3, view our change log.