ReadySuite v4.6 is now available for download, introducing a new ‘Document View’ window for quick review of documents.

New Features:

Added ‘Document View’ window for viewing specific documents
Added parallel processing to ‘Endorse Images’ wizard
Added parallel processing to ‘Redact Images’ wizard
Added parallel processing to ‘Check Resources’ wizard
Added parallel processing to ‘Document Summary’ wizard
Added ability to save and load grid views with new ‘Grid View Manager’
Added support for save and restore grid view state from project files
Added setting to preferences for customizing the default OCR page timeout
Added setting to preferences for enabling and setting the initial grid sort field
Added new field for tracking the load order of documents from imports
Added new field for displaying the filename of the first page of a document
Added ‘Recent Projects’ to track a list of most recently used projects and places
Added new ‘Backstage’ view to organize the file menu
Added check and new warning for duplicate filenames on document export
Added capability to export single page images with the page number when using DOCID as filename
Added capability to clear resource associations (images, text, native) from documents
Added statistics to some wizards for time elapsed and time remaining
Added new visual components to improve overall look and feel of application
Added summarize capability of queued documents in all wizards

Important Changes:

Targeting the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework
Improved installer by code-signing installation files
Improved performance while navigating documents
Improved performance and responsiveness while adding large document sets
Improved image viewer saving and printing with progress notification dialog
Improved EDRM XML support to include reading family data
Improved PDF rasterization support when images do not contain color
Improved error messages while loading thumbnails when images can’t be found
Improved text display of searchable PDF files with page feed characters
Improved page preview display with user resize capability
Improved ‘Load File Setup’ dialog with ability to sync selected formats
Improved ‘Customize Pages’ dialog with ability to sync selected options
Improved cancellation options for various tasks/actions lacking support
Improved field choose popup location when opening from context menu
Improved display of redaction settings in ‘Redact Images’ wizard
Improved splash screen display to indicate 32-bit or 64-bit instance
Renamed instances of ‘Batch’ to ‘Data Source’ for consistency for import sets
Renamed instances of ‘iCONECT’ to ‘XERA / nXT’ for consistency
Renamed instances of ‘Check’ to ‘Mark’ for marking document actions