ReadySuite, a specialized bundle of utilities for handling various document and imaging tasks, has been upgraded to include various new features and maintenance fixes. This release includes a new text and OCR viewer, with support for single and multi-page text files. Similar to the image viewer, the text viewer can be re-arranged allowing you to easily view images, text and metadata all at once.

Other features added to this release are an advanced renumbering system, allowing you to number documents based on an existing coded field. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the endorse process to allow landscape images to be endorsed in portrait mode and included grayscale reduction for smaller image sizes. Finally, load files can be exported with the new “link in place” option, which will retain the absolute path to referenced image, text and native files.

Using ReadySuite, law firms and litigation support providers can handle simple tasks such as converting PDF files to single page tiffs, re-endorsing image sets with new production numbers while maintaining a cross reference file and batch printing with custom folder and cover separator sheets.

To learn about other features provided in ReadySuite, follow our product page. Additionally, you may get started with ReadySuite by downloading our 14-day trial or by contacting our sales staff.