Richmond, VA – August 8, 2012– Compiled Services, the developers of litigation support and e-discovery software ReadySuite, announces the software is now incorporating BeyondRecognition’s technology to improve the mass redaction feature within both PDFs and TIFFs. The new feature, which is now available to download in ReadySuite, is called BeyondRedaction.

BeyondRedaction in ReadySuite works by reading the word dictionary created by BeyondRecognition’s Global Glyph Catalog and applying positional logic to seek out each user-designated word or pattern as it appears on every page of every document in the review set. Redactions can be specified on a per-word basis or based on a pattern, such as social security and credit card numbers, using custom regular expressions. Further, a redaction log is automatically created logging the reason for the redaction, if specified, which can be saved into a format compatible with Microsoft Excel.

“This new redaction feature in ReadySuite will save users hours of manual redaction time and will increase the accuracy of redactions,” said Justin Blessing, Director of Product Development at Compiled Services. “By reading from the Global Glyph Catalog in BeyondRecognition, and given its 99.5%+ word accuracy, ReadySuite is able to mass redact TIFF and PDF files based on words and patterns specified by the user.”

Users can expect to process documents at a rate of 150,000 pages per hour in TIFF format, and 30,000 pages per hour for PDF documents. The text elements associated with the image redactions are also removed either from the associated text file (in TIFF) or from the text layer of the PDF document. This methodology assures the user that no redacted information can “leak” out and completely obviates the need to re-OCR redacted documents.