We’ve been asked by a few of our customers lately to add support for the Ringtail load file format. So, we got started on it and it’s almost ready for release.

Supporting the Ringtail load file is a bit trickier than the other formats already supported in ReadySuite, primarily because it relies on an Access database (MDB). But this won’t necessarily make things more complicated for you, as you’ll be able to import and export to this format without having Access installed.

Creating a Ringtail load file with ReadySuite is as easy as any other load file – just specify its output filename and you’re all set. Of course, if you need some more fine tined output options, we made sure to make those easily available as well.

Ringtail Output

Specifically, we added full control for setting the field values for all columns in Ringtail’s main ‘export’ table. Levels can be populated based on a file path of your choosing, or if you prefer – they can be set individually. We added full customization of the ‘parties’ table, allowing you to choose the values for Persons and/or Organisations from the available Correspondence Types.

Ringtail Output Levels

When it comes to reading the Ringtail format, we support it all. And it’s really simple – just drag/drop the load file into ReadySuite, choose your validation options, and you’re ready to import.

We should be wrapping up our testing phase on 4.1 shortly – and then hope to get that release out to you as soon as we can. As always, if you have an idea for ReadySuite, feel free to e-mail Justin Blessing at justin@compiled.com.