We’re excited to announce that ReadySuite version 4.0 has been released and is now available for download.

This version includes major new features, performance enhancements, improved stability and general fixes across the board.

Some of the highlights to this release include the new OCR add-on for generating OCR text files and searchable PDFs. Other features include the ability to save project files, specify field data types, and overlay existing documents. Please see our development blog for a more comprehensive list of changes made.

ReadySuite continues to be our flagship product – bundling specialized litigation utilities used by litigation support professionals, attorneys and paralegals. Using ReadySuite, users are able to handle various tasks related to converting and validation common load files, generating OCR text files and creating searchable PDFs, converting various image file formats, performing branding, numbering, and redaction of image sets and batch printing documents.

To learn about other features provided in ReadySuite, visit our product page. Additionally, you may get started with ReadySuite by downloading our 14-day trial or by contacting our sales staff.

Important Upgrade Information

This release of ReadySuite is considered a major release – with significant changes to the core product – and will require an upgrade for existing customers.

ReadySuite licenses issued on or after October 16, 2011 qualify for a free upgrade. Licenses issued before October 16, 2011 require an upgrade purchase for ReadySuite 4.0. Customers with a license to ReadySuite 3.x can upgrade to ReadySuite 4.0 with a 40% discount.

Please contact our sales staff regarding all license renewals and upgrades.