Now that ReadySuite v4.0 has been officially released, we want to highlight some of the important changes made in this release.

New Features:
Added ‘OCR Wizard’ utilizing RecoStar and Tesseract OCR engines
Added ‘Create PDFs Wizard’ for creating searchable PDFs using OCR engine
Added ability to create and save projects
Added ability to auto-save projects on a time based interval
Added ability to set field data types (text, memo, date, number, etc) during import process
Added ‘Manage Fields’ wizard for modifying fields and setting export masks
Added preference to parse Summation field data types or import only as ‘Text’
Added option to specify the ‘DOCID’ field when exporting load files
Added page level information: TIFF Compression, Width (in.), Height (in.), DPI
Added wizard for ‘Import Text Files’ to associate image sets with text files
Added ability to overlay images, text, and/or natives to documents already imported
Added record number output (;Record 1) for Summation load file export
Added ‘Open Output Folder’ links to wizards generating output
Added ‘Path Editor’ for globally editing existing document paths
Added advanced numbering to import wizards with identifier preview
Added preference to disable Page Rows in grid to improve performance/memory usage
Added ‘Memo’ as field data type to improve performance/memory usage
Added ‘Output bad records’ when importing delimited text files
Added check resources option when importing delimited text files
Added ability to parse multi-page and single-page files from a Summation briefcase
Added prompt to save project file when closing application
Added ability to create and delete custom fields using ‘Modify Fields’ dialog
Added ability to set the internal ‘DOCID’ field to a custom field
Added export mask to Number, Date and Boolean fields to change output format
Added page timeout to config settings for RecoStar OCR engine
Added project name and save status to title bar
Added ‘Link In Place’ option when exporting delimited text file
Created 64-bit version – available for download by request
Wizard for ‘Import Delimited Text’ can now populate new fields (useful for importing a “tag list”)
Wizard for ‘Number Documents’ can now track counters by their unique prefix
Wizards for importing Images, Text, Native and Load Files are more streamlined

Important Changes:
Changed folder browser in Wizards to sort alphabetically
Improved warning messages generated by various wizards
Improved error handling in ‘Import Delimited Text’ wizard
Improved remembering last folder paths for folder and file chooser dialogs
Improved drag/drop functionality to remove lock in Windows Explorer
Improved support for creating output with JPEG2000 and JBIG2 options
Improved display of various document and page count numbers
Improved document and page counts in status bar for grid when document set is filtered
Improved ability to sort by field data type in grid
Improved editing fields in grid and metadata panel by data type
Improved ‘Batch Update’ dialog, can search/replace during update and propagate to family
Improved validation of documents during and post import
Improved ability to check for duplicate pages across all imported documents
Improved ability to hash image, text and native files separately
Improved license check with new folder config setting and silent fail option
Improved reading ‘@D @V’ when improperly formatted for Summation DII load files
Improved memory usage and stability throughout application
Improved numbering by prefix
Improved ability to auto-detect file encoding
Improved ability to auto-detect field data types when importing delimited text
Fixed status bar display when document count 6 digits or more
Fixed sensitivity in Find/Replace dialog
Fixed issue where grid disappears under certain circumstances
Fixed crash with toolbar when application left idle for long duration
Fixed numbering documents when value is only in prefix field
Fixed crash with ‘Trim Documents’ wizard when modifying bounds
Fixed project 0kb by saving to temp file first under certain circumstances where saving fails
Fixed rare crash caused by splash screen
Fixed display of installed licenses, added reminder expiration reminder dialog
Fixed grid filter if count is zero after deleting records
Fixed various tab orders in dialogs and wizards

Note that the above list is not a comprehensive list, but includes more of the important changes we’ve made since the last release in October.