We’re documenting the major changes made in ReadySuite v4.9 below. Below you will see the changes to field selection and how we have simplified finding and adding fields to a load file for export.

In earlier versions of ReadySuite, fields were denoted with a category prefix of either “I”, “C”, “P”, or “T” to indicate internal, custom, page, and text-level fields respectively. Now, folders are used to group fields by category – combined with an asterisk (*) to show internal or system based fields. Additionally, icons indicating the field type (e.g. text, date, choice) have been added to improve visual clarity.

New to the field selection process are separate views to filter fields. As the below animated screen capture shows, you can limit the fields shown to only the internal/system based fields, custom fields (those you created), and field sets such as those from import profiles. For example, when you import a Concordance based DAT file, the fields you import (and the order) are preserved in a view for use in field selection and export.

Rearranging the field order is greatly improved in this new release. Previously, the only options were to add/remove fields combined with moving them up or down the grid one at a time. Further, with longer field lists, they sometimes did not scroll into the grid correctly. To improve functionality, we have added the ability to drag/drop fields to rearrange them.

One of the larger, structural (and semi behind-the-scenes) changes we’ve made to ReadySuite v5 is the addition of “Platform Fields.” Fields recommended or required by common platforms (ie. Relativity, Concordance, Summation etc.) are provided in the field selection process based on the platform chosen. This can best be seen below, with the Summation export options. You’ll notice the list shows the available tokens from Summation that can be added to the field export. Eliminated is the guessing game of what fields you can include in a Summation load file – with the benefit of still creatively adding whichever fields you want included.